Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Trip #4: Oregon and Seattle......again!

Okay-I know I was just there a year ago, but my friend Stacie invited us back so we couldn't resist.  The trip started off rocky with LOTS of detours through Missouri and Nebraska due to the recent flooding, but after finally getting back on track we had the best time hitting all of the antique shops in South Dakota........tons of them and so excited for all of the fantastic stuff I got for the shop!  Lots of walking through Seattle..............did some kayaking in the San Juan Islands.............a short trip to Corvallis and Newport Beach Oregon and then it was back home to 100 degree weather (makes me love Seattle more and more).  Sadly I spent more time shopping and walking Seattle than I did taking pics, but here's a few for you.   

Flooding in Missouri

Chickens we followed for over an hour through Nebraska!

Lighthouse in the San Juan Islands

South Dakota Skies.......the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Lighthouse in Newport Beach, Oregon

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